Wind is blowing to a new direction.

The effects of climate change are being exacerbated by rising CO2 levels.
Meanwhile, one in six people live without access to electricity.

To meet the growing energy demand while curbing our emissions
and providing greater access to electricity to those who need it most,
renewable energy is key.

To ensure that everyone can enjoy sustainable energy,
we aim to build a future in which people can choose energy sources
that suit their environment, resources, and local conditions.

This is what we are aiming for.


Propeller-less Wind Turbine
ーMagnus Vertical Axis Wind Turbineー

Until now, the main challenge to the widespread adoption of wind energy has been the failure of conventional turbines in extreme weather conditions.

Our wind turbines can actively respond to changes in wind speed and direction, and generate energy stably even in the midst of disastrous cyclones.

This promises a new energy opportunity for places with high wind potential previously hindered by the risk of storms.


We are looking for people who share our vision
of making every human beings more prosperous with sustainable energy.

We look forward to receiving your applications!