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The Report of Challenergy’s Exhibision in Japan Pavilion of COP 24

December 19, 2018

The Report of Challenergy’s Exhibision in Japan Pavilion of COP 24

In December 3rd-14th, 2018, Challenergy participated in Japan Pavilion–an advertising campaign run by Ministry of Environment, in COP24.


Exhibision Area


As one of the companies, developing a new technology to achieve Decarbonized Society, Challenergy exhibited the prototype of Magnus-VAXT.
Our booth was eye-catching enough to attract a lot of attention from several national government’s officials and officers of International Organisations. Challenergy’s staff answered the questions from them regarding our products.


In addition, Mr. Harada, Minister of the Environment, visited our booth and gave us the words of encouragement.
Also, Polish and Korean Ministers of Environment visited our booth, where we could give explanations directly to each Ministers.


After the event, we appeared on TV programs aired by more than seven national media, which introduced our dedication to the world.

In the Seminar


On December 12th, Shimizu and Mizumoto from Challenergy gave presentations in the seminar.
The title was “The new technology towards Decarbonized Society: Challenge to mitigation and adaptation by the Magnus VAWT–the next generation wind turbine generating electricity under typhoons.” In this presentation, including the introduction of our techniques, we explored how Challenergy can contribute towards the achievement of Decarbonized Society.
Moreover, we presented a case study of the ongoing project in Philippines.

In this COP24, Challenergy was considerably encouraged to enter overseas market, as we could exchange the opinions with attendants working on Global Climate Change in COP24, as well as, several influential media from South America to Europe introduced us.
We are grateful for this great opportunity given by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry and by the Ministry of Environment. Thank all of the visitors to our booth for coming and having good conversation with us.


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