"Magnus × Vertical Axis, Next Generation Wind Turbine"

The Magnus Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (or Magnus VAWT), our next generation wind turbine, utilizes both the "Magnus Effect" and "Vertical Axis."

Utilizing "Magnus Effect" instead of propellers, the Magnus VAWT can control its generation in accordance with various wind speeds and improve the cost effectiveness of the turbine. On the other hand, due to its "Vertical Axis" form, the Magnus VAWT can adjust to any wind direction.

In addition, due to the slow rotation of the Magnus VAWT, the environmental impact of this wind turbine, such as noise and bird strike, is less than the conventional.



OKINAWA FIELD TEST (Nanjo-City, Okinawa Prefecture)
The First Field Test in Okinawa by Challenergy Inc.