清水 敦史

Founder, President and CEO Atsushi Shimizu

" Supply safe electricity to all human beings through the innovation in wind energy "
At the time when The Great East Japan Earthquake and The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident occurred on March 11, 2011, I was an engineer of the major electronic manufacturing company.
I was totally shocked by the catastrophic disaster caused by the nuclear power plant and then I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to realize the energy shift by my own challenge. I personally think this is our generation's obligation to show the path to the sustainable society for the future generation by non-use of fossil and nuclear energy.
Additionally, looking into the global market, more than 1.3 billion people live without accessing to the electricity especially in the developing countries. To overcome these challenges without depending on fossil or nuclear energy, I think it is essential to develop the innovative wind turbine which can enhance the energy shift.
Though there are the existing wind turbines which may not be "broken" by typhoon, you can not find any other technologies other than Magnus VAWT which can "generate" the electricity from typhoon.
We are now aiming to provide the safe and reliable electricity to the island areas in Japan and to the non-electrification areas in the developing countries such as Philippines where the typhoons hit every year.


Company NameChallenergy Inc.
Address Garage Sumida, 21-36-4 Yahiro, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN (See the Map (Google Map))
PresidentAtsushi Shimizu
FoundingOctober 1, 2014
Stated CapitalJPY 188,000,276 (not including capital reserve)
Main BankBank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Mizuho Bank
Japan Finance Corporation


清水 敦史
President and CEO

Atsushi Shimizu

After the graduation from the Graduate School in the University of Tokyo, he was engaged in the research and development of factory automation equipment in KEYENCE Japan. As the turning point in The Great East Japan Earthquake, he started to develop Magnus Vertical Axis Wind Turbine by his own.
In October 2014, he founded Challenergy Inc.

宮﨑 輝
Co-Founder, Executive Vice President

Hikaru Miyazaki

After the graduation from the Faculty of Law (majored in intellectual property law) in the Kyushu University, he entered into the Development Bank of Japan. He belonged to the investment and lending division and Environment / CSR evaluation division. In May 2014, he entered into Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. and was engaged in supporting the startups including Challenergy Inc. In December 2014, he joined the company as a member.

小山 晋吾
Director and CTO

Shingo Koyama

After the graduation from the Faculty of Engineering (majored in nuclear fusion plasma), he entered into Progress Technology Inc. He was engaged in the design of printer or body structure in satellite. He realized the importance of the research in the energy field based on his own experience in the university. In September 2015, he joined the company with the dream of realizing the sustainable society by the innovative technologies.

渡邊 汗

Kan Watanabe

After the graduation from the Graduate School of Industrial Technology (majored in mechanical engineering) in Nihon University, he was engaged in the oil and chemical plant design in Toyo Engineering Corporation. He was in charge of the various plant constructions in Brazil, China, Malaysia and Indonesia. In October 2016, he joined the company with the dream of achieving Green-Energy society by the collaboration with the innovative technologies and manufacturing.

水本 穣戸
Associate of Marketing

Shigeto Mizumoto

After the graduation from the Faculty of Economics in Yokohama National University, he joined Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.. He was engaged in the overseas sales and marketing of nuclear power plant. In 2014, he got the position in the consulting firm dedicated to Climate Change and Development in the developing countries. He was in charge of some climate mitigation projects in South East Asia and Africa. In November 2016, he joined the company to solve Climate Change within our generation by utilizing Japanese innovate technology.


Business Adviser

Ph.D. Yukihiro Maru
President and CEO of Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.

Ph.D. (Agriculture). In June 2002, when he was in Graduate School in the University of Tokyo, Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. was founded with only engineering and science students in undergraduate and graduate school. The company succeeded in creating the first model case of the cutting-edge technology educational program. The company is establishing the largest knowledge-platform in Japan by gathering knowledge and through communication. Leave a Nest generated over 200 projects through this knowledge-platform. Mr. Maru has support over 30 technology based start-ups, especially the technical supports for euglena Co., Ltd. which was listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st Section in December 2014.

髙田 康宏
Technical Adviser

Mr. Yasuhiro Takata
Director, Office of Innovative Composite Center, Kanazawa Institute of Technology

After the graduation of Tokyo Institute of Technology, he joined Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. and was engaged in the design of the racing car engine and low fuel consumption gas engine. He was previously a member of Nikko Company having started the small wind turbine division, where over 3,000 units from 200W to 10kW electricity capacity were sold. Moreover, he was the former chairman of Japan Small Wind Turbines Association with the abundant experience of establishing the standards and enhancing the market of small wind turbines. Now, Mr. Takada is involved in the research and development of off-shore floating MW class wind turbine.

Legal Adviser

Attorney/Patent Attorney Masahiro Samejima
Partner of Uchida & Samejima Law Firm

Admitted as Patent Attorney in 1992 and Attorney in 1999. He graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology (Bachelor of Metallic Engineering) in 1985. He started his career as an engineer at Fujikura Ltd., where he researched and developed materials of electric cable and after that he joined IBM Japan as a patent attorney, where he developed intellectual asset management. In 2004, he founded Uchida & Samejima Law Firm. He authorized numerous books and articles such as "The Handbook of Patent Strategy".


March 2014
Tech Planter 1st Grand Prix
First-prize Winner

October 2014
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
Awarded as Start-Up Inovator (SUI)

November 2014

November 2016
Awarded as Seed-stage Technology-based Startups (STS)

December 2016
TX ENTREPRENEUR PARTNERS & Nikkei Technology Online

February 2017
Cleantech Open
Global Ideas Winner in the Renewable Energy Category