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Challenergy started trial operation of 10kW prototype!

8th August, 2018

– Accelerating further development toward mass production –


Challenergy Inc., Tokyo, Japan (President & CEO: Atsushi Shimizu) has started demonstration experiment using 10kW prototype of Magnus VAWT (hereinafter, “the model”) which can generate electricity stably even though under rough weather like typhoon, in site where euglena Co.,Ltd. ( group hold in Ishigaki City, Okinawa since August 3rd.

Since August 2016, we have continued demonstration experiment using 1kW prototype in Nanjo City; we achieved success in operation under typhoon environment. The model has 10 times outputs as much as 1kW has, and it’s placed as production trial model. Hereafter, we’ll proceed to get experimental date and improve it for accelerating development toward mass production planned in 2020.

At the same time that the model was under way, we hosted a completion ceremony that about 50 concerned people attended; including Yoshitaka Nakayama: Mayor of Ishigaki City, relevant party in local government and the company which cooperated on production of the model.

Still, the model is mainly for demonstration experiment, so that we don’t accept visiting and reporting activities.

” Magnus × Vertical Axis Wind Turbine ”
Our next generation wind turbine, Magnus VAWT, is a combined application of the “Magnus Effect” and the “Vertical Axis”. Utilizing the “Magnus Effect” in lieu of propellers, the Magnus VAWT is able to control its power generation depending on various wind speed conditions and reduce manufacturing costs while enhancing overall durability. In addition to this, the “Vertical Axis” type is omnidirectional, as it can respond accordingly to any wind direction. Moreover, the entire rotation of the Magnus VAWT is much slower than the existing wind turbines, thereby reducing the environmental impacts of noise and bird strikes, normally associated with conventional designs.

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